Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Instead of You

It’s sexy-pink, and soft and warm,
It doesn’t thrash, or snore or kick ;
A body pillow I would pick.
I’d rather hug its comfort form
Instead of you.

At home, alone, where peace prevails,
Surrounded by the stuff I like :
Some simple food, the TV, bike …
I’d rather talk with garden snails
Instead of you.

Or on the road, with wheels spinning,
Small towns drift by – yet more to go –
Hills, rivers, forests, deserts’ glow.
I’d rather ride my bike (waist thinning)
Instead of you.

The double hull and sails of cat’,
Its cabins filled with friends of mine ;
Blue tropics, where we swim and dine –
I’ll spend vacation bucks on that
Instead of you.

Our children tremble, fear and cry
From hearing but your self-serve side –
The odious rants of “jilted bride” –
Good God ! Too bad your mom should die
Instead of you !

They scheme, connive, and truth condemn –
Slime lawyers from McOink, McFall !
Their progress billings count as all ;
Be sure, my coins will go to them
Instead of you !

Your life is dark and clouded o’er ;
You have no plans but well-stuffed purse.
A mean and haggard, dismal curse
Is so much better to adore
Instead of you.

( Addendum )

-- deleted --

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