Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Lovely Leah Learns to Ride

Our lovely Leah learned to ride
Her Lil "Pink" Gem this year.
We asked her Gramps to teach her how--
How did that go? Oh, dear!

She rolled it down a grassy hill,
Fell off a time or two,
But soon, with confidence supreme,
She did not ride -- she flew!

Her water bottle filled to brim,
The streamers nicely streaming,
Both tires firm, well-pumped with air--
All we could say: "She's beaming!"

She clapped her helmet on her head,
Drew on her leather gloves,
And as she pushed off from the curb,
"Ta-ta! I'm off, me loves."

She terrorized the neighborhood;
Her friends shrank back in fear
Whenever Leah's Lil "Pink" Gem
Zoomed past in highest gear!

We must put on bells, lights and horn
For everybody's sake,
And her young legs will stronger grow--
Oh!... teach her how to brake!

Perhaps for years, as come along,
Their paths will cross again--
But Gramps and Leah riding bikes
Was much to our chagrin!


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