Thursday, February 13, 2014

Maxine's Rhymer Primer

from 14 Feb 2013 - Valentine’s Day

(inspired by a friend's gift of a cartoon calendar note, featuring "Maxine" saying, "There is a poet within me trying to find words that rhyme with ‘crap’.")

I must say at the start, you are full of hot crap

When I want your opinion, I’ll ask you, you sap

But until that time comes, why, it don’t take no map

To point out the deficiencies riddling your pap

With a brain that’s hard-wired (and because you’re no chap)

An attempt to stop talking would make your mind snap

From the morn until sundown I hear your lips flap

And am mightily tempted to give them a slap

But you just might consider that too light a rap

So a much better choice is a ball with a strap

If I’m still too unclear ‘bout your constant "yap, yap"

Let me say it out plain… here it goes…

Shut Yer Trap!

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