Monday, February 3, 2014

Silver Princess House Tongs

(from 29 Jul 2013)

On my riding partner, Jer, finding road-kill kitchenware while on a ride; speculation on how the tongs came to be on the side of the road.

Plated shiny and bright as a part of the set;
On the table they shone, pretty hard to forget
Silver Princess House tongs.

Oh, the party went well; there were salads and drink
And some great conversation for those who still think—
(ok,… smallest of throngs.)

Time elapsed and the guests (some like waddling ducks)
Watched the food service go into catering trucks
At the sound of the gongs.

Tongs were placed high on roof while the cooks ducked inside,
Placing items just so, so on turns they don’t slide,
Hurting after-work bongs.

Party’s packed – truck’s away! – When the tongs hit the ground
Not a one saw the flash, they were fast homeward bound
Singing happiness songs.

Then… a day or two passed and my friend Jer rode by--
Flash! A bright object shone, caught her sharp eagle-eye.
Karma, righting its wrongs.

No more fit to clamp down on a crisp lettuce leaf,
The pair found a new home in a wind chime motif
Made of life’s gone-alongs--
Silver Princess House tongs.

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